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Excellence Initiative for Group IV Semiconductor Research


FA-3 individual research program and cooperation

Research program
  S. Chiussi
New Materials group (FA-3), University of Vigo, Spain

Laser processing for new Group IV Semiconductor Materials
  • Bio-inspired SiC substrates
  • New Group IV Semiconductors for photovoltaic, micro- and nano-electronic, and photonic devices, MEMS and flexible biosensors
  • Chemical and morphological modification of polymer surfaces for nc-Si thin film solar cells
  • Numerical simulation of laser/material interactions
  • UV Laser assisted growth and modification of Si, Ge, SiGe, GeSn for
    Bottom up processing through low thermal budget processes for microelectronic devices.
    Strain and lattice engineering through ultra rapid thermal annealing for optoelectronics
            Large area and local processing for flexible photovoltaic devices and biosensors
  • Characterization of material properties, surfaces and interfaces  through HR-Raman, XPS, TOF-SIMS, FIB, HR-SEM and HR-TEM.

Ongoing cooperations

Laserprocessing and characterization of SiGe heterostructures

Laserprocessing and characterization of SiGeSn alloys & Exchange of students


Laserprocessing and characterization of group heterostructures with Ge & Exchange of students


Characterization of GeSn alloys


Laserprocessing and characterization of group IV heterostructures

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